October 12, 2012

Scottie Watch

Scottie Watch

1. Whenever I have a piece of batting that's just a hair too small for a quilt, and I'm able to zig-zag a scrap piece of batting to it to make it work, I feel like patting myself on the back for helping save planet Earth. "Well done Self for not throwing that batting away & being wasteful *high five*!!!"

Anyone else feel that way? No? Just me?

Well, I was discussing this very thing with my quilty friends the other day, and Cherie (who is a bottomless pit of awesome quilting notions...seriously...I don't know how the heck she always finds this cool stuff), posted a link to this Heat Press Batting Tape. Huzzah for no more zig-zag stitching! Huzzah for saving me 20 minutes!

2. Amanda & Ashleigh over at the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery have come out with a new pattern series for Christmas! It's the Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown, and if you sign up before Nov. 10th the price is only $10 instead of $16.95. I made an Etsy sale earlier, and that fundage immediately went toward this noble cause ;)

3. FYI, that coupon code I posted last week for Fabric.com is still good (worked as of 10:30 pm last night when I checked it). Use 'sewsorry' for 20% off any order. I like to stock up on 505 spray whenever they have good codes like this, because I go through that stuff like candy and it's 'spensive.

4. Several of you have emailed me to ask where I purchased this print (I've used it in several other projects), and I last purchased it from IKOplusFabric on Etsy. I've gotten a lot of my Japanese fabric from them because they frequently have huge sales. Right now they've got everything marked down 15% due to a holiday in Taiwan, plus many of the new 2012 prints are 35% off. Most yardage is in the ballpark of $11-$12, which is practically unheard of - most Japanese linen blends are going for around $20/yard nowadays! Basically: get while the gettin's good ladies!

5. This journal is hilarious. I *heart* irony, plus it reminds me of me. Mostly because I'm the kind of person that bottles up my anger until I explode in an irrational public episode, similar to Kristin Wiig's cookie punching freak-out in Bridesmaids. That's me in a nutshell...except there would be more cellulite and I wouldn't look nearly as graceful rolling around in a dress with a giant cookie on top of me. And as my husband has informed me, my mountain side comes out and I get kind of twangy when I'm mad. Who knew?

6. Also, don't forget to create your I Made This! Pinterest board and register to win the Creativebug prizes I mentioned last week! Entry Form has to be completed by Tuesday, October 16th!


oh my! that batting tape may be the next best thing. why didn't i think of that!!! thanks for the tip.

i loved bridesmaids so much! i almost wet my pants when they were shitting theirs! ;) i also go through that 505 so fast it is ridiculous and they say that you only need a fine mist... yeah, whatever! that never works for me.

Awesome code! Thank you!

Great idea and thanks. I actually have 2 rolls of batting and always have hunks and chunks laying around! WhooHoo!

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