October 17, 2012

The Miseducation of Whiskers MacTavish

We recently bought a new sofa because we needed more seating in our living room. And because the sofa is awesome, velour, pumpkin orange, and, well, BRAND NEW!!!...Whiskers was henceforth banished. We gave him a stern talking to, reminded him the cushy old sofa was still available, and shooed him away whenever he so much as looked at the new sofa. All was going well until...

...I walked down the hall to the living room this morning, and stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed Whiskers sitting motionless on the back of the new sofa, peering at me through the darkness like some James Bond villain. All he needed was a swivel chair, fluffy white cat, and a pinky ring to complete the picture. So I stormed in, flipped on the lights, and started shrieking like a banshee for him to get off! Well....I might have done the shrieking bit after I snapped that picture.

And I figured since I was already in the living room, it was semi-clean, and I had my camera in hand, might as well take a few pictures of the new layout! When we got the new sofa we decided to flip-flop the front room and put the living room where the dining table was (you can see the old layout here), which is what I originally wanted to do when we bought the house last year (Ray and I had a weeks-long brawl over it - but in the end, sweet victory is mine, and he uttered the 3 most glorious words a wife can hear "You were right". I feel like the Highlander now - there can be only one.)

Whiskers is still getting adjusted, but he loves being able to see out TWO windows from the sofa now. I've started referring to the back of our sectional as "Puppy Run", because when I come home from work every day, the back cushions are completely smashed from him running side-to-side to people-watch/bark.

He's learned not to climb in the windows though, because the day of the re-arrangement, he got trapped in the left-hand windowsill because he couldn't figure out how to walk backward onto the sofa, LOL! We came home and couldn't find him until I saw the curtains rustle and heard a whimper....I'm pretty sure he was stuck there for almost 2 hours.

I'm going to make some additional pillows for the couch and wanted to use this Echino print. Knowing just how to play Ray because he loves all things rustic/antler-related, I walked in the room (acting overly excited) and said to him "Look babe! I just found some super-manly fabric that matches the couch perfectly! It even has deer on it!"

His reply was "I'm pretty sure the purple bees (raises an eyebrow and points) negate the deer's manliness".

Crap. Plot foiled.

This is my new favorite spot! When we rearranged the front room, it created enough room for us to move the bookcase from the guest room. I now have a reading nook :)

P.S. Wanna play a game of Where's Whiskers? He appears a total of 3 times in this post.


Easy he appears in pictures one, six and eight.... can spot a dog anywhere!!!

He's so cute and innocent looking even when he's not. I love your Echino choices. One of these days I'm going to make an Echino only lap quilt.

Oh man! Your comment about the puppy run cracks me up! Mine do the same thing, well Pippen mostly. This is my fear of getting a new couch, I don't think there is any way I can keep them off it! Love seeing Whiskers, he is so darn cute and Scotties tend to be!!

I see him and his whiskers, he's too cute. also, I think Ray to lighten up on the purple bees. just tell him they are killer bees.

OMG, can we please play Where's Whiskers in every post?????

i LOVE the new layout and almost pee'ed my pants about Whiskers getting stuck in the window sill. Too funny- sad for hi being stuck, but I can soooo see my dog doing the same thing :) You always make me smile- thank you! Have a marvelous week, my friend! Take care!

I love the new couch, and I love that you have a puppy run. Whiskers has quite the life!

Love that whiskers! He should be in every picture!!!

I feel so accomplished because I was able to easily spot Whiskers. Is it wrong to pat myself on the back for that? I mean, it is 1:17 am and I'm suffering through insomnia...

The orange couch is AWESOME!

I was catching up on my Google Reader and have missed seeing Whiskers! Love your new layout (and COUCH!). I love moving furniture around to make things more cozy. :)

I have the same table that your TV is on! :D I like the new couch color. I'd make the Echino pillows anyway! Sorry Ray...

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