November 8, 2012

Catching Up

I'm catching up on my Dessert of the Month stitching (as of two weeks ago I'd only done through April)....

...while Sir Whiskers has been catching up on the neighborhood gossip. This is what he spends a good portion of his day doing, now that he has access to windows due to our recent furniture rearrangement. He stares out at the street and barks constantly at whatever's there...dogs, cats, my 90 year old neighbor on her riding lawnmower in a floral muumuu, the garbage man, squirrels, rustling leaves....*sigh*. Not to mention there's a perma-smudge on the window where his doggie snout rubs from all the heavy breathing of his outrage.

All he needs is a pea green rotary dial phone, a bathrobe, and some curlers in his hair and he's officially a 1960's housewife. Betty Draper, eat your heart out.

"Well pinfeathers & gollyfluff! This Crate & Barrel sofa was obviously purchased for me to ruin. What better to spy on you with grandma than an expensive down-filled cushion *mash mash* And after I have this good and tenderized, I shall nest on top of it for a long puppy snooze. Barking in indignation at everyone like Bill O'Reilly really wears a dog out."


those are precious! maybe one day I'll take up cross stitching. You know, because I need another thing to do.

Yeah I have to catch up on desserts too. . . but I haven't even started yet so you're totally beating my ass at it.

Oh, Whiskers! Mine would do the same thing, but we don't have any furniture up against a window. Might be fun for them to do that someday!! Maybe when I build up the nerve to buy a new sofa!!!

I die for the boba tea!
and Whiskers too of course! adorable stitching!
(Amanda's not on flickr, so make sure you holler at her!)

Too cute! I remember those nose smudges. He's just protecting you from all the evil things outside your door. They make such good snoopervisors! :)
Sandy A

Don't feel bad. I'm still on February. ;) I'll get there, probably by next December. I also caved and purchased the winterland sampler. So there's that... Oh, whiskers. He's such a gossip.

AMAZING! This is so perfectly done!

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