November 27, 2012

NYC Trip, Pt 1

I've been meaning to post about my NYC birthday trip, but frankly, I just didn't feel like doing much of anything last week. And I decided there's just WAAAY too much stuff to fit into one post, so I'll cover just the first day of our trip in this post.

Long story short, we had an amazing time, but discovered 29 ain't 21, and I'm gettin' too old for this crap! Found out the hard way that I can't run around major cities for days on end with scant hours of sleep like I used to *sigh*. We got home on Sunday the 18th and worked Mon-Wed, so it seriously took through the end of the Thanksgiving week for us to fully recover!

There are a TON of photos, so I'm just gonna toss them up slide-show style with minimal comments :) Our first full day in the city was Thursday, and we covered Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza, MoMA, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Serendipity 3 (yum!)

Stayed with my college bestie and former roommate Meghan in Brooklyn (Carroll Garden). Woke up to this gorgeous view of the skyline every morning (nice to know there was at least one perk to walking up 4 flights of stairs to get to her apt every time, lol)

Took the train over to Manhattan and stopped at Rockefeller Plaza. Ate a tasty breakfast @Dean & Deluca. Their Chai Tea was the bomb...extra heavy on the Cardamom - just how I like it :)

Walked out of Dean & Deluca, and randomly stumbled into a Today Show segment featuring the Radio City Rockettes. There was literally NO ONE around, so we walked right up to the gate and watched them perform - couldn't believe our luck!

Ray was mesmerized by the 24/7 Apple store on 5th Avenue.

And also by The Plaza, since he LOVES Home Alone 1 and 2.

This was Ray's first trip to NYC, and hands down his favorite part was walking through Central Park (eating goldfish crackers)

Aforementioned Goldfish crackers. Skyscraper size.

Now this photo is really random, but we couldn't stop laughing over this sculpture and its disturbing morbidity. Ray and I kept making sarcastic remarks in a redneck voice "See this?! This is how we roll in America! We eagle talon your face!"

Me pretending to sit on the spikey anti-pigeon railing.

WALL OF MARIMEKKO (@Crate & Barrel)!!!

Mmm...delicious bolts...


Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

My favorite piece in the museum. It was painted on a mirror, so it looked different from every angle. So awesome.

Times Square. Ray and I were most excited about the giant Hobbit billboard.

Now here's where things get really fun. Through a coincidental Etsy purchase, I ended up getting tickets to my favorite late night show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!!! Someone from the show bought some pillows from me a few weeks before our trip, and was kind enough to get enough tickets for me, Ray, and my two college friends Meghan and Dana to go! I was beside myself with happiness...couldn't believe how kind this person was to do this :)

It's a live audience so naturally they have to be really strict about phones and cameras in the studio, so unfortunately I don't have any photos, but it was a total blast! We went to the taping for Nov. 15th and Katie Holmes was the guest. The best part is that they did a musical skit that night (about Bob Seger), and Ray and I nearly peed ourselves we were laughing so hard! We watched the show later, and the live performance was SO much funnier! So appreciative that I got to have this experience :)

Everyone associated with the show was really nice (and hilarious), and I have an extra special fondness for Questlove now after seeing his lack of tolerance for two stupid groupies that were hitting on him with wild abandon before, during, and after the show. HI.LARIOUS.

After the show taping we hit up a Japanese restaurant where you grill your own food over a little coal pit (yum!), and then randomly decided to hit up Serendipity 3 for dessert at 11 pm. Apparently the wait here is usually 2-3 hours (and even worse during the holidays), but I guess going in the middle of the night has it's advantages because there was virtually no one there!

I got a sundae that included a giant piece of MILE HIGH CHOCOLATE CAKE SMOTHERED IN HOT FUDGE AND SUGARY GOODNESS!!! Yes, you heard me right. There was an entire piece of chocolate cake jammed in there. NOM NOM NOM....FATTY LIKES!

The sundae on the left belonged to Meghan. It was an entire piece of homemade apple pie paired with cinnamon ice cream and warm caramel. Delicious, but if these two were to arm wrestle for the title of World's Tastiest Sundae, chocolate would still win because it's, well, chocolate.

Ray got a frozen peanut butter hot chocolate. I told him he should stick a canine in each straw and pretend to drink it like a vampire. He just gave me his "you're a weirdo" face.

And that concludes our first day. Phew! I'm exhausted just writing about it!


LMAO! Sounds like and amazing adventure! I totally need to go to NYC just for the dessert. Would love to referee that arm wrestle ;)

OMG - those sundaes!!!!!!! Looks like you had such an amazing time!

WOW! I love vacation pics! Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

OMG, what a day!!!! 29? pshaw girlfriend, you're a baby. You should be able to party till 3:00 a.m. before landing on your face! Especially if you're putting back a sunday like that at 11. You're good to go for at least another 4 hours, I figure. I must get back to NYC. Haven't been for 18 years....when I was 29. haha.

Wow great pictures - looks like a fab trip. My Sister in Law and niece went to NYC on a mini break just as Sandy hit. They were ok though. My niece dropped her ipod down the toilet in Macy's - I bet the attendant loved having to fish that out for her :-)

Wow that looks like such a great trip!! It's so nice when everything falls into place Yay!

so fun! I can't believe that was just one day! Waiting impatiently for pictures that must be coming of Purl. ;)

Wonderful post! I used to live in the suburbs and go to the city on weekends. The pictures bring back lots of memories.

Ha! You are so funny. The sundae. WHOA, NELLY. And yay for some home alone love!! I'm glad you had such an amazing birthday weekend. Well deserved!

Oh my, how absolutely wonder-mous!!!! You may be 29, but honey, you can sure do a ton in one day!! But with so much to do and see in NYC, you gotta go like crazy!! :) Can hardly wait to see each day now!! So fun!!!!

Glad you had a great trip. NYC is a great place to visit but I sure wouldn't want to live there full time. Hope you got some fabric shopping in. N

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