November 14, 2012

Pouchie Presents :)

We're flying out this afternoon to New York, and I was up late last night frantically finishing these gifts for my friends Meghan and Dana (and I had to pack my suitcase after that because I'm a procrastinator, so I didn't get to bet until 1 am...blehhhhh). I've talked about them on here before - they're two of my college besties and I roomed with both of them at one point or another during my 4 years of undergrad. I lived in a sorority house, so it was pretty common to swap roommates every long as our posse ended up in the same hallway, we didn't care which friend we actually ended up rooming with.

I'm about 99% sure neither one of them will actually look at my blog any time soon, so I think I'm safe posting these now without ruining the surprise :)  The Melody Miller Typerwriter pouch is for Dana, and the Modern Meadow Oak one is for Meghan.

Dana and I both love kitschy things, so I thought the Typewriter print would be perfect for her. And the lining I dug out couldn't be more perfect, because the text looks like it's from a typewriter! It's a Sweetwater print from their Sunkissed line.

And Meghan is as obsessed with Modern Meadow as I am, so this print was a no-brainer. It's the Majestic Oak print in Sunglow, and the lining is Herringbone in Maple. (is it sad that I've used so much Modern Meadow over the past few years that I was able to precisely recall the fabric names and colors without so much as a pause in typing? Nine times out of ten I have to google that stuff!)


those are gorgeous! Have a *fab* time!!!

the one you made for me is still my fave but these are pretty awesome!

Love them- your friends will too :) So perfect! HAve fun!!

These are adorable. Have a fantastic trip and a very happy birthday, sweets!

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