December 3, 2012

NYC Trip, Pt 2

I wanted to get these posted the day following my 1st post, but I contracted the Bubonic Plague from Ray and was under the weather all last week. Still have a cough that sounds like I'm one foot in the grave, but feel mostly normal other than that :)

Here are the rest of the photos from the other two days of our trip (Friday and Saturday). We flew out at butt o'clock in the morning on Sunday (had to wake up at 4 am aka "cave troll time") , so no photos from that day.

I love books, so one of my lifelong goals has been to make it to The Strand. It didn't disappoint! We headed out bright and early on Friday (my birthday!) to hit up my wishlist of The Strand, Purl Soho, and Zabar's. We got off the train on our way to The Strand, and ran into this adorable little Farmer's Market.

Apple cider + apple cider donut

Awesome comic book store next door to The Strand

Here's my haul from The Strand (and Zabar's when we visited later that day...the food was long gone by this point). Both books were brand spankin' new and I got them for $10 each - score!

Ray has been dying to try one of their hot dogs ever since watching Fools Rush In as a teen.

Mission accomplished

PURL SOHO!!!!!!!!!!!

Adorable wee sweaters that made my ovaries twinge.

Purl haul

Loving those felt buttons and Scottie hankie! I'm obsessed with getting Whiskers a tam o'shanter now.

Adorable wee marzipan Scottie at Dean & Deluca. Got in a 20 minute discussion with the pastry counter lady because she's been a lifetime Scottie owner and we started exchanging stories and sharing pet photos from our phones. Ray did a lot of eye rolling and went off to pant on the glass at the cheese area.

Zabar's. Completely mind blowing for a foodie like me. Ended up buying a tote bag, some lavendar & honey goat cheese + fancy crackers for that evening, some locally made artisan saurkraut, and a giant bag of chocolate rugelach (one of things I miss most from Chicago...can't really find them anywhere in New Orleans because there aren't any bakeries around that sell them).

Lucked out and the Brooklyn Renegade Holiday Craft Fair was that Saturday and Sunday (17th and 18th), so we went there first thing in the morning.

Hilariousness spray painted on the building next to where we parked in Williamsburg.

The Renegade Fair was at the  East River State Park in Williamsburg. And bonus, they had a food tasting fair going on in the area next to the craft tents, so after we were done at Renegade we all went over and sampled food from their trucks. There was a booth from a shop that specialized in homemade s'mores and treats, so I got a dark chocolate and peanut butter s'more that was TO.DIE.FOR. Everything about it was made from scratch...the marshmallow, graham crackers, etc. Mmmm...

Bought a couple things at Renegade, but my favorite was this Alice in Wonderland print from FlowersinMay.  I really wanted to get her circus one too for future babies, but managed to reign myself in...hoping to buy it after I get my Christmas money :)

I'm seriously contemplating applying to be in Brooklyn's Renegade Fair next year, because they didn't really have many sewn accessories like what I have in my Etsy shop. Most of the sewn items were clothes and baby items, so I think my chances are pretty good. I'd be happy if we went and I broke even with the cost of flying there...mainly I'd love the opportunity to get my business cards out to such a huge population in Brooklyn. So there's some food for thought.... :)

And make sure you guys check back tomorrow, because I'm posting a new quilt that I designed...hoping to get a free tutorial up for the pattern sometime early next year :)


I LOVE you trip pictures and report. Sounds like it was totally awesome. Don't you love the random things about NY? Like walking out of D&D and seeing the Rockettes, or farmer's markets or stray graffiti? Love it. I'm glad you had such a great time!

oooooohhhhhhh, I am insanely envious!!!!!!

take me with you next time, won't you?!

Looks like the best trip ever! And Purl Soho is kinda my Mecca, gotta get there one day!!

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