December 20, 2012

Pearl Bracelets Giveaway!

Lizzy House's long anticipated Pearl Bracelets line finally came out earlier this month, and to celebrate the holiday season with you fantastic readers, Caitlin and I have put together a 1/2 yard bundle for one of you to win! As we all know, I'm rather partial to cool colors, and it is winter (well, at least in the rest of the's a balmy 65 degrees here in New Orleans), so I picked 9 different shades of blues, purples, and greens to celebrate seasonal sewing :)

Caitlin currently has the Pearl Bracelet line in her shop I Don't Do Dishes for the uber-reasonable price of  $8.25/yd, as well as bundles of the entire line - woot! And for the Tula Pink fans out there, keep your eyes peeled next month because she's going to be teaming up with Mara for an Anchor's Away QAL!

Keychain Clutches for my coworkers (used this pattern)

And speaking of holiday sewing, my Etsy shop was hopping this month, so I'm just now starting on my personal holiday sewing. Thankfully I got all the big stuff out of the way a few weeks back, but all my smaller gifts like bags and stocking stuffers are still on the To-Do List. And did I mention we're leaving for Kentucky for a week on Saturday morning? Eek! And did I also mention I'm coming down with the flu after struggling with a cold for two weeks, and it's that time of the month? Yeah...I'm about as friendly as a badger in a burlap sack right now. Which is not friendly at all, as my Great Uncle Hilliard could tell you.

Mama pouch and baby pouches. (Mama pouch made using this pattern)

Yes, that is actually my great uncle's name.

And yes, his four brothers once handed him a burlap sack that, unbeknownst to him, contained a badger. He was up on a horse, and they gave it to him and told him to toss it over his shoulder. Naturally, it bit him in the back through the sack. And he screamed and flung it involuntarily....whereupon it caught on the saddle near his leg, and the badger bit him again on the inner thigh. That's mountain humor for you. My grandpa nearly cried he was laughing so hard when he first told me that story, and I know I should have been horrified by it as a child...but I couldn't help but think he kind of had it coming, because who blindly accepts a burlap sack of unknown contents from their 4 teenage brothers? I'm sure there's a life lesson in there somewhere.

And I'm going to stop typing now, because somehow we've gone from Pearl Bracelet bundles to badgers. I blame the DayQuil.

  • To win the badger Pearl Bracelet bundle, just leave a comment!
  • For a second entry, become a Follower (or leave a comment letting me know you already are).
  • Giveaway closes next Thursday, Dec. 27th at midnight, and I'll announce the winner via Random Number Generator on Friday. The winner will be emailed immediately, and if I don't hear back within 72 hours, I will re-draw for a new winner.
Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


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I love the badger story, not the bite part, the humor part.

Uncle Hilliard huh? Mine is Uncle Romanus (he changed it to William)!!

I'm a follower via google reader!

ha ha ha! how did they get the badger in the sack in the first place??

Oh - I love those pearl bracelets! Thanks!

Oh, I just love the pearl bracelets!

Great fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

What a great giveaway! I hope you have wonderful holidays.

Love your pouches, they are very cute!

I follow your blog

I love the pearl bracelet pattern. Thank yo for sharing.

Nice temperature in New Orleans. It's about 55 degrees in El Paso, Texas. Thanks for the opportunity to win your generous giveaway.

I'm a long-time follower who thanks your for the opportunity to win your generous giveaway.

I love these colors. Please enter me to win!

I am a happy follower of your blog. Thank you for this give away.

I find it funny that I'd much rather win these pearl bracelets than any actual jewelry! Gotta love quilters. :)

Can I make a badger with the fabric? That story is too funny!

I'm a happy follower. Merry Christmas!!!

i seriously want these bracelets!! i love the new colors! sad but true...but my dad and his 6 brothers all have their favorite "beating" story...seems my grandpa was a little heavy handed in the discipline area, but somehow my dad and uncles have always looked upon it with humor!!

Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

Woo hoo - great giveaway! I love Pearl Braclet!

Family stories are fun. Thanks for the giveaway and Merry Christmas.

Your badger story is an example of my favorite kind of family tale. Our family has a good flying squirrel one. Thanks for the chance for the pearl bracelets. I love the colors you picked.

Thanks for a chance! These are my favorite fabrics ever =D

Brothers! What a great story! I like your keychain clutches, may have to make a few of those soon.

i'm so excited about these braceletS! thanks!

Love the badger story! Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

I love your pouches and the pearl bracelet fabric is so pretty!

i'm so excited about these braceletS! thanks!

Back woods, redneck humor at it's finest. Thanks for the story and the giveaway too.

Love these fabrics, thanks for the chance.

Pearls - who doesn't love them?
Merry Christmas!

LOVE these fabrics! What a bunch of mean brothers! Makes me happy that I have sisters :)

Love the cool colors, reminds me of sea glass.

Count me in! I love these fabrics

I love 'pearl bracelets' but I'm not so keen on badgers!

That sounds like a story my Grandaddy would have told. Thanks for prompting a happy memory.

I think I am a follower. I subscribed in google reader. does that count? Love your blog!

I've been looking forward to this line for so long! Thanks for hosting a giveaway :)

And I have lots of uncles with crazy names - Orville, Ceylon, Delbert to name a few :)

Lordy girl, you kill me! lol Badgers, Hills people, Pearl Bracelets. Please write a book of anecdotes just for me. I could use more laughter.

I may or may not have been following you since the beginning of time. Or since we met...they're the same thing, right?

I now kind of wish I had an uncle with a name that awesome.

I have been following you - one of my favorite blogs!

Thanks so much for the chance to win the pearl bracelet fabric. Much better than a badger in a burlap sack.

I am already a follower. Thanks for the chance to win.

Oh! I love the badger story! I'm not sure I even know what a badger looks like! We only have moo geese in Hawaii!

I'm already a follower. Love your blog & some of your stories

It would be so nice to welcome this fabric to my home.

I'd love to add this to my stash!

you have the BEST stories EVER!

The badger story is just too funny! I have the key chain pattern and the clutch pattern and still haven't made any! But yours look fab. Feel better soon x

I Follow! Love those pearl bracelets, the colors are yummy. But I don't get the humor in the badger story -- sounds awfully painful :-o

Girl, gimme some bracelets and nobody gets hurt! Good! Now back away reallllllll slow.....

Following you to the ends of the earth and back! Bam!

Oh wow is that a fantastic giveaway! - and a hilarious badger story too! :)

Gorgeous bundle - I love cool colours too, so it really appeals to me.

I follow already through google reader. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Pick me! Pick me! That's a funny badger story :-)

Love the colors you picked out. Thanks for the giveaway!

I'm a follower. I love your blog. It always crackers me up. Mr. Whiskers is my favorite.

what girl doesn't love pearls? nice

that is the christmas spirit! from one of your followers

Yay, such a great giveaway! Thank you so much, and best of luck on the last minute holiday sewing!

Sweet! I am a follower and love your machine binding tutorial. I tell everyone about it!

Great giveaway! Thanks...

I bet that story came from Kentucky. ;) Gorgeous fabric! Would love to win that!

I am already a faithful follower!!!
Enjoy your Kentucky visit!!!!

I'm one of your followers! Happy holidays!

LOVE the story; you have me laughing while onlookers gave me crazy looks...

I have been eyeing this fabric line since it came out, but with Christmas I've been waiting on buying it. Thanks for the chance!

I love a good badger story! :-) Sounds like you have a fun family!

AND I LOVE THOSE PEARL BRACELETS!!!! Can't get enough of them! Making stockings and they seem to sneak into each one :-)
Thanks for such a cool give away!

And I'm a new follower - yay! Such a great blog!

Can you hear me snorting? Got to love the mountain folk! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Love pearl bracelets! Love the colours!

Great story, and giveaway! Love the pearl bracelets!

I'm a follower as well. Thanks!

These are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance and happy holidays. :)

Ooooh! I'd love to win this. I was just drooling over them this morning and only through superhuman willpower prevented myself from buying them. Actually, just looked at my fabric stash and cringed because I have absolutely NO room for more fabric.......still...

Awesome giveaway! And thanks for the heads up about the anchors away QAL, very tempting!

I totally get the badger metaphor. My Dad is from Idaho... he says a lot of things like that!

Also, I follow you! (via blog. Not physically. That would be creepy.)

What is it with great uncles and unusual names. I had a great Uncle Artiemus. He was a tall man and in Australia there is a giant lizard called a racehorse goanna that climbs to high places when scared. As a younger man Artie was moving wheat bags to the back of the wagon and disturbed one such creature - where upon it looked around, saw him and ran up his back and perched on his head. Not sure what the lesson is in that one.....

Merry Merry Christmas, and of course, I follow you already.

Crazy back woods stories are the best :) thanks for the chance to win!

That badger story is hilarious, although I certainly feel sorry for him!

Happy holidays and thanks for the great giveaway!

Lol at the badger story! I'm surprised he didn't get some sort of infection!

What a great story, and a great giveaway!

I love those pearl bracelets!

I follow with Google FC and Google Reader.

I just saw Pearl Bracelets the other day and wondered why I hadn't thought of such a wonderful design!!!! lol Love them.

I figured that was a real name. You can't make that stuff up! :)

i love the badger story! thanks for the giveaway!

Wow! What a great giveaway!!! :)

Love love love those cool colors!

Who wouldn't love to win that bundle?

I follow you, Thanks for a funny story!

Love your post! Have a great trip and feel better!

I'm also a happy follower! Merry Christmas to Sir Whiskers as well!!

Such a funny story! Hope you get well soon... thanks for the chance to win...

I am a follower on Google Reader :)

sign me up for them bracelets, friend!

I am more a stalker than a follower, really...... ;)

I love to win.
Merry Christmas!

Lovely giveaway, thank you. The fabrics are wonderful.

And I do follow your lovely blog.

I love that fabric, thanks for the giveaway. I can relate to the badger story only like someone from the south and it would have been fun to hear your grandpa tell it. I have a chicken story that is too funny but wont waste your time right now.

I am a follower. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

"We ain't got no stinking badgers" Which movie did that come from? lol Love that pearl bracelet fabric. Might have to buy some if I don't win it. N

You can't get sick now - it's Christmas. I hope you have fun in Kentucky. Safe traveling. 65 degrees, criminy! We have a snow drift in our yard that is higher than our fence. It just got through snowing and blowing for three days. White Christmas! Humbug! I am a follower, you know I am! N

Oh my goodness, laughing so hard at the badger story! I hope you get better quickly.

i am now a follower of your blog! love it

What a wonderful bundle - thanks for the chance to win!

I am a new follower of your blog :-)

This fabric line is creating a real stir on the internet, and I can see why! Beautiful colors!

I am a happy regular follower of your blog. Happy holidays!

All these baby pouches are soooo cute :)

Oh might random generator, please pick me! My girlfriend has a scottie dog and I am busy making her a scottie dog tote bag. Already finished two scottie dog pillowcases. We have three pugs. Never enough pug fabric!

I am only just learning how to sew but would love some pretty fabric for my beginner's projects!

I say, always check your bag for badgers!

I love this fabric line, but have none :(
I follow!

Been drooling over Pearl Bracelets for a while, now. So glad they're all coming out!

It's nearly Christmas, so Merry and Happy!

PS. I'm very happy that Andover decided to release this collection.

I got such a kick out of your badger story! Merry Christmas and thanks for the holiday giveaway!

Wow, I don't think I'll see badgers the same for a while. And thanks for the giveaway, love those fabrics!

I'm so excited that Lizzy finally released Pearl Bracelets in so many colors--they are fast becoming my favorite basic! (Still giggling over badgers, btw!)

And I'm a long time lurker/follower!

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