December 17, 2012

Prep School Quilt Pattern

Hi readers! As promised, here is the free pattern to make the Prep School Quilt - follow this link to download the pdf.

Please leave a comment or shoot me an email if you have any issues with downloading. IMPORTANT: if you leave a comment, be sure I actually have a way to reach you!!! I've been getting a lot of comments lately from "no reply" readers that don't have an email on file, so I have no way to respond to their comment/question...soooooo frustrating! I feel really terrible because I don't want any of you to think I'm ignoring you, but unfortunately my hands are tied because I have no email address to reply to! You can click the "no reply" link up above if you aren't sure what that means, or want to fix the problems (there are instructions at the linked site on how to do that).


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