December 7, 2012

Whiskers' Midnight Snack

This is what happens in our house after Midnight. The crazies come out.

Ray was eating Ritz crackers on the couch when I asked him to come look at something in my sewing room. So he sets the bag on our end table and heads my way, and after a few minutes I'm like "what's that crinkling sound?". Ray goes to check it out and yells back "BABE! You gotta come in here right now!"

I will be narrating as the voice of Sir Whiskers.

*crunch crunch crunch*

Curse you infernal bottom-of-the-bag crumbs!!!

GAAHHHHH!!! You're so delicious, yet making a mess of my scolarly beard! But I must have you! IT HURTS SO GOOD!!!

What a delightful midnight snack. I award myself 10 points for the dismount.

Ray and I were pretty disappointed by the ending. We let things play out uninterrupted because we figured the end would be the best part - watching him try to wrestle the bag off his head once he was finished. I was envisioning several minutes of fruitless head shaking, rolling around, light growling, and maybe even some running around where he bashed into things because he couldn't see. But no. Immediately after finishing his snack. He used one paw to press the bag to the ground (see above), and expertly extracted his face from the belly of the beast.

Which leads me to believe he's either some kind of dog genius, or he's done this before.

Happy Friday :)


I just want to plant a big smooch on Whiskers!!! He's awesome!

He may well be a genius but something tells me he's done this before!!! ;-)

Genius! LOL! Well, I guess maybe done this before! Jacque has eaten who knows how many things perfectly. The other day I left some of these chewy candies, kind of like starburst, on the coffee table (he's taken to just randomly knocking everything off just in case) and I came home to them eaten out of the wrappers! Like he somehow maneuvered the candy out of the wrapper in his mouth, then spit out the wrapper! What the heck?!

OMG - that is hilarious! I agree - I believe he has done this before!

Hee Hee! Way to go Whiskers! They are such smart creatures. Once hubby put his ham sandwich down on the end table and went to answer the phone. When he came back, the sandwich was gone and Mitzi was sitting beside the couch, purposely ignoring him, trying to look all innocent, with mustard on her chin! Goodness I miss her! :)

That's so funny! Our eight month old golden retriever Axl's favorite snack is buggery Kleenex stolen off the chair side table. That's when the game of keep away starts! N

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