January 7, 2013

(Scrappy) All Things Equal Quilt

Remember the All Things Equal pattern I created for Moda Bake Shop (see here) this past summer? Well I've been working on a scrappy version for several months, and I finished it in time to give to my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas.

I used 18 different prints in various aquas and oranges, plus Kona gray solids in Ash and Medium Gray. You can download the pattern here, but you'll have to modify the yardage/cutting instructions a bit if you're using scraps.

Backing is from one of Denyse Schmidt's DS Quilts line for Joann's - I think it was from the Daisy Mae collection? It's been so long since I bought it that I don't remember. Binding is one of my favs - Pie Basket in Orange from Hope Valley.

This is the first time I've free motion quilted using my new Pfaff, and it was so amazing that it made me want to go all Baptist and start shouting things like "praise the name of Jesus!" while I was quilting...lol! (don't worry, I can say that because I am Baptist) But seriously. It was that much better than my old machine.

I never thought my old machine was all that bad while I was using it...but now that I've used a truly *good* machine, I'm ruined for life and will never be able to go back. Once you go Pfaff, you never go back ;)

And in case you were wondering where the heck these were taken, no, it definitely wasn't in New Orleans. Ray and I made the trek up to eastern Kentucky this year to have Christmas with my family. These were taken on the front porch of my family's farmhouse. The Stivers clan has owned it for over 100 years, but my grandparents lived there most recently (since I was born). It seemed weird being there without them since they've both passed now. But I like to think Grandma would have liked seeing colorful quilts made by her granddaughter strewn on the porch :)


It turned out so great, and I love the photos on the porch as much as the story of where the porch is! Your colors and prints are fabulous together and with the backing...love it all! I drive a Pfaff, too, by the way!

Really like this quilt. The farmhouse look beautiful, what I imagine stereotypical American farmhouses to look like! It's very well maintained.

How did our black milk can get on Granny's front porch all the way from Alaska? Pretty quilt. I'm sure your brother and sister-in-law will treasure it. N

This is a lovely quilt. The backing fabric you used is one of my favorite DS prints! Beautiful photos,too!

I love collecting quilts but it can sort of smell mildewy when I put in a closet for too long. Good thing the humidifier makes it seem better now. This one is lovely, by the way.

Mischna Ong

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