February 25, 2013

Quilty Girls Swap

I have a group of really tight-knit online quilty friends that are there for me through thick and thin. We encourage each other, share photos of WIP's and give feedback when one of us is "stuck" artistically, and provide a shoulder to cry on when one of us hits a rough patch. Basically, it's a kickass group of women, and I thank my lucky stars for them every day :)

Last year we met up in Nashville, and this year we went to Ali's stomping grounds and converged upon Atlanta. And for some crazy reason we'd never arranged an in-group swap before, so we remedied that with this trip and had Ali assign secret partners. I drew Mrs. Ali herself, and went full-on geometry since she loves her some Math.

I used this photo as my inspiration. And no, I didn't paper piece it. I kicked it old school with a lot of Y-Seams and improv piecing. And yes, I did tear out a few chunks of hair along the way.

It's kind of hard to see in photos, but I used a gold metallic thread to quilt each "string" that the ornaments are hanging from.

Here is the sum of our swap loot.

See that mind-blowing Cathedral Window mini in the bottom left corner? Yeah, that piece of fabulousness is mine courtesy of Michelle's (I Like Orange, Too) mad skills. She knew how much I loved Cathedral Windows, and also that I'm too lazy to ever attempt the pattern myself. So I get the best of both worlds - a fabulous Cathedral mini that I didn't have to sew ;)


ooh y-seams im so scared of them, your mini quilt looks great and im totally jealous of your cathedral windows mini :)


It was so much fun! I am now on that post-high depressive-sort of fall :-(

I am so glad you have a group like this. They are all amazing women (and of course, so are you). I love the mini you made, and am glad you had a great time. And I'm happy you joined IG!

so, so awesome. I miss you guys! My crafty muses :)

I was totally the swap winner! Love my mini!

How awesome!!! I've been hoping you are well lately- I was sure life was busy!! :) Such a blast, I am sure! Glad you ladies rocked it! What a wonderful way to relax, have a great time, and increase your amazing talents!! Have a marvelous day, my friend :)

I spotted the cathedral windows mini straight away - it's gorgeous! Love your geometric decorations too.

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