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April 3, 2013

Sew-vivor Challenge #2: Buttons

Long time no see readers! I've been busy tucked away in my sewing lair the past week working on my project for the Sewvivor Challenge #2 project. A big thanks to everyone who voted for me and helped me get past the 1st round! The Challenge #2 project was to make anything you wanted (so long as it involved buttons), and I came up with a Travel Game Board that folds up for easy purse storage. If you like what you see, you can vote for my project HERE (I'm the 2nd one listed).

This project was inspired by my mom, because her solution for keeping us out of trouble as kids was to always have something for us to do stashed in her purse. So whether it was a planned wait in an airport terminal, or an unplanned one sitting around a car dealership waiting for auto repairs, she was never caught off-guard. She always had some kind of activity - be it coloring books or a pack of cards - stashed in her big Mary Poppins-esque purse to keep us from getting bored and running around like wild Lord of the Flies children.

On one side is a Checker Board with button game pieces that velcro to the board so they won't fly off and get lost when the board is jostled in your car, on a plane, or bumped by a passer-by in a crowded area. I used adhesive velcro dots, and for additional strength I secured the ones on the fabric checkerboard by stitching a quick free-motion circle along the inside edge.

I think the velcro is great because if you have to get up and leave in a hurry, no precious seconds are lost while you round up all the pieces and put them away - you can snatch the game board right up and start folding it up as you walk, and your kids can continue the game later. Or if you lose a game piece, it’s not a crisis because it can be easily (and cheaply) replaced with another button.

And in case your kids get tired of Checkers, they can flip it over and play Tic Tac Toe on the other side, using the blue/red buttons for X's/O's.

When you're done, the board folds up to fit within the the perimeter of the zipper. 

Before you finish zipping it up, the drawstring pouch of buttons easily tucks inside so you can keep everything together and not have to worry about keeping track of multiple items

And as you can see, the final zipped-up version is small enough to easily store in your purse at all times. It's slightly smaller than a standard wallet.

If you like my project, please go vote for me HERE at Family Ever After. Scroll down to the bottom, and I'm listed as 'CONTESTANT #2: Kaelin from The Plaid Scottie' in the voting box. Thanks everyone for your support!!! :)

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