July 23, 2013

Best Part of Quilting

The best part of quilting is definitely seeing cute, snuggly babies wrapped up in your work :)

Finished up this quilt (only 4 months post baby shower, lol). Straight line quilted and backed with some of my hoarded yardage of Folksy Flannels. Binding is a gray dot DS Quilts print from Joann's.

I'm trying to get all my backlogged projects finished so I can start sewing for the Plaid Baby without anything hanging over my head, because I really want to take my time and enjoy the process :) Just ordered some of the Briar Rose strawberry jersey from Amanda at Westwood Acres and can't WAIT to get my greedy little paws on it! Cute summer dresses, here I come!


Beautiful. It always does my heart good to see quilts being used....especially when it's a baby. :)

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