August 15, 2013

Baby Gifts (for one of the 1.2 million pregnant ladies in my life right now)

I've been doing a ton of baby sewing lately, but the ironic part is that none of it's for me! There must have been something in the water a few months back, because almost everyone I know just had a baby, is about to have a baby, or is about to become a grandmother/grandfather. But at least it's giving me some good ideas (and lots of practice!) *wink*

I needed a simple gift set I could whip together on short notice for a sweet lady I know who just became a grandmother. I figured you can never go wrong with a baby blanket and wet bag, so I whipped up a 35" x 35" baby blanket with a cute Riley Blake All Star flannel on one side, and the can't-ever-go-wrong-with-it Herringbone in Pond print from JDewb's Modern Meadow line on the other. That print matches everything, I swear....which is why I have half a bolt of it in my sewing room. Shh...don't tell the hubs! I'd rather he not have an aneurism and leave me a single parent, lol. 

The other item is a coordinating Wet Bag made with my favorite print from Going Coastal, and an orange PUL for the lining. The recipient lives in the Gulfport/Ocean Springs area, so what could be more appropriate than a super cute beach print? Not to mention it's adorable...and Emily Herrick (the designer) and her mom are two of the sweetest ladies you could hope to meet.  Me and my rogue group of friends ran into them at Material Girls back at the Sewing Summit in 2011 when we were all being bad and ditching class...mwahaha! *twirls evil mustache*


how sad is it that I don't remember ditching classes? lol

The best thing to do while going to purchase a gift item for a baby is to have some premeditated notion of what one is looking for. The variety of choices is what creates the problem. People cannot decide what to take and what to leave out. There are however some excellent combinations that these baby gift producing companies come up with.
Geburtstafel Selber Machen

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