August 5, 2013

Fantastic Little Nursery

Here's what I've been up to the past few weeks....

These are just a few photos from our Pinterest board. Click here to see more!

Me and the Mr. finally got to work on our Fantastic Mr. Fox themed nursery plans. We're not really into the whole pink for girls/blue for boys thing, plus we both absolutely LOVE the styling in that movie. Our palette consists of rich Fall colors like mustard yellow, rust red, pumpkin oranges, a splash of teal, and plenty of rustic wood and adorable critters :)

Painted the walls a rich, fall yellow (Status Bronze by Behr). Giant tree mural with fabric leaves still pending...

Finally found a home for the Heather Ross art prints I've been hoarding for almost 3 years. They were still in the Flat Rate Envelope she shipped them! Reclaimed barnwood frame purchased on Etsy from this seller.

Bought hangers and organized Plaid Baby's ever-growing pile of clothes. People REALLY love buying baby girl clothes (not that I can blame them)....

...which included this adorable Scottie sweater her Auntie Angela has apparently been saving for years in hopes of a girl lovechild between me and the hubs, lol.

Ray's been faux-complaining that his unborn daughter has more closet space than he does...which may or may not be true ;)


Oh wow, this is a fantastic nursery theme! So sophisticated and yay for bucking the blue/pink trend.

it will be spectacular! ♥ so cute!

Loving it all! Especially the already full wardrobe! I will admit that I have a few little Scottie things I've found over the years for either my little one or a very lucky friend's little one! Who an resist??!! Plus, she'll love the idea of "wearing Whiskers" at some point!

yay!! you got the sweater! Perfectly prim, proper and feminine. I hope by the time she fits in it she will wear it. My gal has a mind of her own when it comes to clothes. Sigh. I can't even buy fabric for dresses for her anymore. I bought her Little Lisette ice cream cone fabric in pink and she didn't like it! What?!! *smacks head* She did tell me that she liked the pink Heather ross strawberries. She went through all the prints and picked out the ones she liked. ;)

I love it! Such a great idea, and the not-at-all-pinkness of it is perfect!

Girls always need more closet space. Nursery is looking great. I've not seen the film but I have a copy of the book signed by Roald Dahl. He opened my primary school when it relocated to a new building and I had to read out the poem: The Crocodile.

definitely fun to buy clothes for little girls! and wouldnt it be fun to make up names of new paint? I should send Behr my non existent resume! super happy/excited for you!

EEEKKKKK!!! Love, love, love the nursery theme! So warm and cozy! And that closet- a girl's dream! Full of clothes :) So much fun! So excited for you and anxious for every update! Take care!

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