August 8, 2013

If slow & steady wins the race, I've got this in the bag.

Remember when I started this last year during the Hurricane Isaac power outage?

Yeah....I just now finished hand-sewing the top (almost a year later)...even though I had it about 85% complete after Isaac blew through.

I'd be lying if I didn't say it needed a good fuzz-busting from a Scotch sticky roller....Whiskers might have napped on it a time or two while it was folded up in a corner of my sewing room. Sacrilege, I know. But at least my dog has good taste, right? Does that give me a few demerits back? Yes? No? I have a feeling a few of you are still eyeballing my knuckles with a yardstick...

Maybe another photo will quench the fires of your righteous anger?

I'm playing dirty, I know. Who can stay mad when looking at all that glorious Heather Ross rainbow cuteness?

The Plaid Baby may or may not be getting this. It doesn't match the nursery decor at all so I can't hang it on her wall, and I start getting a little sweaty when I think about it being dragged around and dirtied as a doll quilt. Decisions, decisions....


ohhh so pretty, the top half of it matches the nursery! I think you could put it in a big wooden frame and it would work really well on the wall :)

Heather Ross matches EVERY nursery ;) Put it in there! It will make you so happy to see it when she is up in the middle of the night and you need something to look at.

So Cute! I'm loving hexies right now. :o)

There are no quilt police! Breathe!

Completely, totally glorious! And I, for one, am not itching to rap your knuckles about dog hair, as everything in my house tends to be "decorated" with it. Love your Heather Ross hexie art! Since I've been working on a hexie pouch for what seems like forever, I totally appreciate that your top has taken a while. But so satisfying, eh? Yum!

Gorgeous! My quilts often need a good sticky rollering when they're finished - it's very very difficult to keep them off quilts! Hope you can find just the right place for it - I like Lucy's idea of putting it in a frame and hanging it somewhere in your house.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Love the colours

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