August 12, 2013

Mr. Fox Quilt

Got a serious case of tunnel vision this weekend and managed to turn this stack into this...

I am so, SO happy with how it turned out. And the hubby loved it too, which made me glow :)  Pictures don't do it justice, but the richness of colors and patterns is so lovely in person.

We have pretty similar tastes so he likes most everything I make, but it feels extra good to make something for our baby that we're both so happy with :) (if you want to see pictures of the nursery theme - Fantastic Mr. Fox - click here)

And can I just say, is there anything AMH fabric won't fix? Her fabric is like the baking soda of the textile world (or should I say the Windex of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding world? lol) - it's a fix-all for every problem. I didn't originally include this Field Study print because I thought there was too much pink for it to work, but after a bout with insomnia at 1 am where I spent almost 2 hours laying this quilt out on my design wall, I just couldn't get it right. No matter how I moved things around, the colors weren't working together like I'd hoped, so I chopped up that Field Study print and mixed it in - voila! Instant perfection. Oh Anna Maria, you crafty fabric designing genius you!

One more for good measure? Yum. Color.


It's beautiful! I love the colors!!

Gorgeous! There really is nothing that AMH fabric cannot enhance. I've just ordered Hand Drawn Garden and can't wait to get my mitts on it :)

Oh my, I love the quilt! It is always so fun to see fabric stacks transform into a quilt!

Beautiful! I agree AMH makes everything more glorious!

Aboslutely gorgeous - I love the rich colours too. And yes, AMH is a fabric designing genius. Love the Big Fat Greek wedding reference too - gotta be one of my favourite movies!

It's very fall like and lovely!

Oh wow, I would so have purchased that AMH filigree in sun from you--I've been looking for some for months!

Love the quilt! My son's middle name is Fox, so I'm obsessed with all of the fox fabrics out there. Love what you're doing with the nursery.

Love your quilt and AMH fabric. Can you share the size of your blocks please or the name of the pattern. Thank you

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