August 6, 2013

Pouches & Projects

Now that my friend has them in hand, I can show you a peek of some pouches I made a few weeks back! I picked up some hard-to-find Stof fabric at my LQS for her, so I threw these in as a little "love gift" while I was at it...I figured a mom of 3 small girls can always find a good use for laminate-lined pouches ;)

Large pouch is Fine Feathered in Denim from AMH's Field Study, and Medium pouch is Tortoise Shell in Aqua from Tula Pink's Salt Water. 

And I've finally started my first sewing project for the Plaid Baby! I pulled this stack about 2 weeks ago for her baby quilt and have been slowly working my way through the cutting. I'm doing a Plus Quilt because I wanted something really saturated in color that didn't require any sashing/solids.


Love plus quilts and that bundle is going to make a gorgeous one!

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