October 30, 2013

(Fantastic) Mrs. Fox Stuffie

In keeping with our Fantastic Mr. Fox nursery theme, I finished this fox stuffie for the Plaid Baby last night. It would have been done about a week earlier, but I had another pregnancy brain mishap and sewed both face pieces together when I free-motion quilted the felt eyes, nose and mouth on...and naturally, I only had a FQ of that solid to begin with, so I had to place a last minute Hawthorne Threads order and then not-so-patiently wait for it to arrive. I hope all my crazy sewing errors are making you feel better about yourself, lol :)

The pattern was purchased from Dolls & Daydreams, a shop I discovered a few months ago and have become COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH! I could seriously blow a whole paycheck on her patterns. The Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood sets are especially killer.

Foxy tail!

I used a Free Spirit solid in Salmon for the body, a navy print from the Tsuri line that came in a navy bundle gifted by my dear friend Cara, and some high-end no-pile felt from this shop on Etsy.

Now I just have to get started on a second one since the DH's immediate response was, "are you making a Mr. Fox to represent me? *cue crestfallen sad face* I want mine to be gray."

If it weren't so adorable, I'd be annoyed...lol.


Aww i love your Mrs fox! Seems only right you should make a Mr ;-)

I LOVE IT! I absolutely adore your fox theme.

The tail!!!!!! Oh, the cuteness.

She's pretty adorable! It's easy to tell why he wants one too. :-)

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