October 25, 2013

Mr. Fox Quilt - Finished!

It only took me two months *wink*, but I finally got around to finishing the Plaid Baby's Mr. Fox quilt. Realizing there's only 6 weeks left until your due date will do that to you...and also that the Blogger's Quilt Festival starts at the end of the week - yay! I'll be entering this in the Baby Quilts category, so please, please vote for me if you feel so inclined :)

Part of the reason I stalled for so long is because I REALLY didn't feel like paper piecing, and my plans for the back included paper piecing not one, but three foxes. I wanted to use this pattern (yet again) to piece a little fox family on the back, including one at 50% size to represent the Plaid Baby.

I was originally going to go simple and use one big piece of fabric for the backing, but since we're in baby saving mode, I really didn't want to order another piece of that Field Study print since I already had a yard of it. So I added in the patchwork rows and fox family to add length.

Necessity is the mother of all creation, after all ;) I can honestly say that most of the projects/design elements I love most out of all my handmade projects, have been the product of a supply shortage, mistake or last-minute fix. I LOVE this quilt backing, and am so, so glad my fabric shortage forced me into being more creative :)

One thing that does really tick me off though is the fact that I chopped off most of my own tail *sigh*. But that's what happens when you're 34 weeks pregnant and crawling around on your hands and knees on hardwood at 11 pm....you fail to notice your backing is centered a few inches off from where you wanted it until you quilt the whole darn thing together, and notice when you're trimming the excess that you hold the sad tip of a fabric fox tail in your hands :(  I don't know if I'll ever stop being perturbed by that...Ray will probably be rolling his eyes 4 years from now when I'm still bringing it up, lol!

And guess what? We finally bought a crib! Got it for a steal at Pottery Barn Kids and it's such good quality! We really wanted to get a solid wood crib instead of the particle board ones out there because our families aren't exactly what you'd call "dainty", and we thought solid wood would hold up better to abuse/dents/scratches over the years in case Plaid Baby's a bit rough & tumble like us ;)

Wish us luck getting the nursery finished in time... We still have to move the dresser in, hang pictures, make the curtains + crib skirt, and finish painting the tree mural on the wall. Whew. I'm exhausted just typing that list!


awwww, the foxes are SO CUTE!!!!!! Never mind your tail - you look great :-)

The fox family on the back is awesome!! Job well done :)

Fabulous! All the best for your final preparations :)

I just love this quilt so much. The quilt back is spectacular, so perfect, amputated tail and all ;)

such an adorable quilt, especially the fox family on the back! congratulations to you and papa fox!

That is one adorable quilt. I LOVE the back!! So glad you didn't chop "your" ear off!
and that field study print is lovely!

SOOO cute! I love the color scheme and the creative back!

I think that chopped tail is just perfectly part of your story ;) And I LOVE that you describe your family as not "dainty". Dying laughing over here. You may end up with a dainty gal yet...we're just hoping for red hair. This girl had better have red hair! Listen to me M!! Aunty Angela is putting her foot down on this.

Oh, goodness...the front looks great, but the back really takes the cake.

Ahhhdorable! So stinking cute there are not enough words. Nice job.

so ridiculously adorable! I can't get over the quilt back!
funny post too. :)
so soon you'll be holding that sweet little lady. *sigh* I wish I could come sit and snuggle her while you took a nap or a shower.

Oh my...I thought it was very nice; then I scrolled down to see the little fox family. Just adorable!!

The fox family really makes this quilt awesome!

Plus quilts make for such nice baby quilts but those little foxes completely steal the show!

It's really nice, great backing!

Hi Kaelin Really love your baby's quilt especially the fox family on the back. Too bad about your tail! I've been wanting to make a plus quilt for a long time. I found a method of making it out of strips and squares. Check out Gemma's blog Pretty Bobbins. She made one for her son out of cascading primary colors. She calls it Primary Plus Quilt. You have to commit to all vertical or horizontal before layout. I made one out of 2 1/2" cuts. My son and his wife have decided not to learn the baby's gender so I needed a non-gender specific baby quilt for before the birth. I already had a boy quilt done and two girl tops done when they sprang that news on me. Oh well, last great mystery in life. His younger brother said he always has been a little difficult! Can't wait to hear the news about the plaid baby's arrival. Hope you are feeling good. Nancy

How cute! It looks like that fox is peeping in from the edge and I never would have known it was an accident. Love the quilt, love the crib and love the color of the nursery. Good luck and hope to see a baby soon :)

Gah! This is the back! Too cute. That is already, one loved baby. :)

Wow, those little foxes are super cute. And don't you think cutting off tails only happens to pregnant women... I am a pro at any time when it comes to place quilt backings off centre :( I am sure no one would guess it was not intentional. Your quilt is truly awesome!

So so so CUTE! The pluses are perfect, too! ( I would consider applique-ing the tip of your tail at the far side of the quilt, just because :)

Such a lovely cute quilt! Absolutely love the quilt backing!

Oh. my. CUTENESS!!! The front is perfect, and the back is fantastic! It's true to the phrase, Fantastic Fox Family :) Sooooo awesome! She will love this quilt for ever! And don't get overwhelmed- you can even hang pictures after she comes, if you need :) It'll all work out- just do a teeny tiny bit at a time :) Thinking of you all!

I love the little fox family! They are adorable.

What a beautiful quilt! Love the colour palette and those adorable foxes! Wonderful!

I love the colors on the front! And the back is just too cute!

Oh my gosh, I love this quilt!!! What a great baby quilt. LOVE the foxes!

This quilt is gorgeous, and I love the little foxes on the back :)

Those foxes are so adorable! I absolutely love your quilt :) I hope you get many many years of use out of it!

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