October 8, 2013

Uber Preppy Onesie Cardigan

A couple weeks ago my co-pregnant friend sent me a link to a Cardigan Onesie tutorial asking if I could help her make one for her little boy due next month. I immediately fell in love because I'm a sucker for preppy baby things, and on a preppiness scale of 1 to Zack Morris, these faux cardigans are an 11. So we got together late last week for a sew party, and here are the fruits of our labor...

We used some striped onesies I picked up on sale at Baby Gap, a little bit of solid jersey, and voila! Most of the tutorials out there use a straight stitch for the solid jersey trim, but since I've only worked with jersey a few times before, I decided to go with a zig zag stitch to avoid the pesky "popped seams" issue. The look isn't as "clean" as with a straight stitch, but whatever. The thread blends in well and it's not like anyone's going to be coming up with a magnifying glass to stare at my seams, so I'll take durable over aesthetically pleasing in this instance.

And since my mom was a Navy brat and I'm obsessed with any and all nautically themed baby outfits, I couldn't resist adding those little anchor buttons (found at Joann's). It's my little homage to my wonderful grandfather - and the Plaid Baby's great grandfather - who she'll sadly never get to meet :(  And I really shouldn't have thought about that or typed it, because now I'm getting all hormonal and teary and frightening the villagers....


Love this! I know what my weekend project is going to be :) Thanks.

M??!!! She has a name? :) Yippee! So exciting! What an absolutely perfect onesie!! Definitely the cutest ones I've ever seen!

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