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January 9, 2014

Introducing the Plaid Baby!

I'm only 2 months late announcing this, but back in November our sweet girl decided to arrive 3 weeks early to the day, and almost ended up with the same birthday as me. She must have rethought things at the end and decided she wanted her own day, because she put the petal to the metal around 8 pm and was born 32 minutes later. She gave us quite a few scares along the way, but everyone is happy and healthy now and we've all been adjusting to each other. She's such a sweet, calm baby though that she's probably been doing more adjusting than we have ;) I can honestly say I'm spoiled for all other babies now - she's been that good.

Unfortunately for her, she has my giant feet. They had to angle her footprints so they'd fit within the designated space on the birth certificate, lol.

I thought about blogging while I was on leave - it seemed like the perfect time to catch up while I had my days free from cubicle life - but in the end I decided long naps, story time, and snuggles together on the couch were more important. I feel like I've been stuck in some kind of time warp the past 2 months. Just typing that seems weird, because there's no way my baby is already 2 months old. When you don't have kids yet and you hear parents lament about how quickly their children grow up, it seems horribly cliche. But now that I have my girlie, I know exactly how that feels. It's kind of bittersweet, because I'm excited to see her grow and develop her own little personality, but I'll be sad to leave this phase behind where she's completely content to sleep on my chest for hours on end (while I have a Justified marathon…loves me some Raylan, and I grew up not too far from Harlan)

And because she arrived early and we didn't manage to completely finish the nursery before her arrival, here are a few pictures of how it turned out. Due to the current fox craze going on, my husband's convinced the Fantastic Mr. Fox Nursery Pinterest board he created back in March somehow started the craze. I just pat him on the head and say "sure honey" wink.

I'm apologizing in advance for the grainy, dim photos, but I just put her down for her nap and things like manually setting the aperture or photo editing are a pipe dream. I figure I have an hour to get this up, and an hour and a half if I'm really lucky!

 Remember that sign from our old guest room? I repainted it for the nursery to hang her wee little coats on 

We're still trying to work it out so I can stay home as soon as possible, so we were on a tight budget and almost everything in the nursery was a hand-me-down or thrift store find. The table was passed down from a friend, and the chair was one of my husband's spectacular thrift store finds - only $100 for the chair + ottoman! 

This amazing crewelwork hangs behind the chair. The DH found it (fully framed) at a thrift shop for $35. 

This dresser belonged to my great aunt and was in my sister's room growing up. It's solid wood (they seriously don't make furniture like this any more) and was covered in a white oil based paint, so Ray sanded it down, stained the drawers, and then refinished it. Knobs were purchased at Home Depot for $0.50/each.

We thought about purchasing a tree/woodland themed wall decal, but in the end it was probably going to cost upward of $200, so we looked at a couple different styles of tree we liked, and then the DH freehanded this onto the wall. Only needed a sample size of the desired paint color, so it cost a grand total of $3.

The crib was the only thing purchased new, and we went with the Kendall crib from Pottery Barn since it was solid wood and won't scratch up like laminated particle board. I made the curtain panel using some clearance fox fabric I found at Joann's. My next project is to sew plastic rings onto it and turn it into a Roman Shade. (recognize the fox stuffie from anywhere :) ?)

 Heather Ross prints I've been hoarding for years. Reclaimed barn wood frame purchased here.

Bee watercolor prints purchased from this shop years ago, custom barn wood frames purchased from the same shop as above. Monogram was a handmade gift from friends.

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