February 12, 2014


Just finished up this pillow for a friend, and it will be on its way to its intended just as soon as I can get the Plaid Baby all strapped up and ready for the post office.

I used a text print from Art Gallery's new line Littlest for the background, and an old Denyse Scmidt print from one of her Joann's lines for the appliqué. Photos really don't do it justice, but I really love the background color on the Littlest print. It's not white, but has almost an antiqued/yellowed look to it like a page in an old book.

I echo quilted the scissors for texture, since the pillow itself is very simple and I felt it needed a little more "oomph"

Normally I don't quilt the back, but I did for two reasons. One, this fabric is very thin - think original Heather Ross lines - which makes it perfect for clothes and light summer quilts, but not so hot for home decor sewing. I was worried about how well it would hold up with repeated sofa lounging and abuse, so I decided to give it some stability and quilt the back as well.

The second reason I decided to quilt the back is because I wanted to do an inset zipper, and it would look all uneven and weird if one side was quilted, and the other was plain ol' fabric.

Isn't that zipper adorbs? I bought it from ZipIt on Etsy - they only have one size (12") with two color options (aqua and purple), but I couldn't help myself and got a few of each :)


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