February 10, 2014

Mixed Nuts

Whenever I thought about the wild variety of stuff I made this weekend, mixed nuts is what came to mind. And now I'm really hungry for White Chocolate Macadamia cookies for some reason…good thing I don't have any handy, because I'd probably convince myself it would be okay to eat 2 dozen since I'm breastfeeding (because apparently in my mind, the extra breastfeeding 500 calories/day = 5,000 calories/day).

But I digress. Commence the recap.

Worked on restocking the zip pouches in my Etsy shop. I felt all trendy making them in the Pantone color of the year Radiant Orchid…maybe that buys me a few fashion points since I rarely change out of my pajamas these days (did I mention I quit my job? Because I QUIT MY JOB!)

I'm also working on building up a stock of wet bags for a new project (more to come on that later). 

And then there's a quilted pillow and an elephant baby quilt in the works.

Hoping to finish the pillow today and the quilt tomorrow. I don't think I ever formally mentioned it on here, but I joined Instagram about a year ago and you can follow me by clicking here  or the button at the top of the right sidebar. I post a lot more progress photos and whatnot on there in case you're curious what I'm up to :)


Oh! Love the website update! Am I lame and just noticed?? Love your projects too and congrats on quitting your job!! YEA!

You are burning the calories with all these projects lol:)!!

Congrats on quitting your job!
Question: I've seen that dandelion-looking fabric on the front pouches before, but I don't remember what it is. Do you know? I really like that one.
Love the radiant orchid pouches. =)

Blog looks great! Yay for taking the plunge and quitting your job. Now you can spend as long as you need with your beautiful bubba. Can't believe you can't take a year maternity leave in the USA. We can in Australia. I'm following you on Instagram. You're welcome to follow me too at sarahkrothe and see what I'm making. I don't blog, so it's a place the people I "know" through their blogging can see what I'm doing. 😊

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