March 10, 2014

Mommy Bag

I've been so bogged down with Etsy orders the past few months (they've been keeping us afloat since Plaid Baby's arrival), that I can't remember the last time I made a project purely for pleasure...even longer if I try to think of one that was for pleasure and myself (that sounds a bit dirty, doesn't it?)

So when I stumbled across Denyse Schmidt's new Piccadilly line in Joann's last week, I just HAD to sit down immediately and sew something for myself with it. I didn't recreate the wheel here since it had to be something I could finish within Plaid Baby's 2 hour afternoon nap, so I went with a fold over zip clutch. It's nice having something that isn't meant for shlepping around 2 tons of baby accoutrement. And bonus, we have a Parent's Night Out coming up at our church this Friday, so I'll actually get to use it soon!

I haven't purchased any of her fabric since Hope Valley because I just haven't been feelin' it, but I knew when I saw pictures of Piccadilly on her website that I NEEDED that dainty navy floral. Of course I promptly forgot all about it 30 minutes later (mommy brain...), so I nearly peed myself when I spotted the bolt on the shelf a few days ago. It's such a cute print and reminds me of the glory days of Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope :)


cute clutch! Have a fun night out :-)

What a cute clutch! It's nice to sit down and make something you'll get to enjoy once in a while. :)

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