April 18, 2014

Baby Bragging

Today's post has nothing to do with sewing/quilting, and everything to do with my little peanut turning 5 months old this week!

The hubby and I *really* won the lottery with her, because she has been an incredibly easy baby with the sweetest, happiest temperament. Every time she makes eye contact with one of us she bursts into a huge smile, and it melts me :)

I've been taking photos of her every month on the baby quilt I made for her, and plan to do so for her first 2 years. The month badges are fabric, and I downloaded the design and made them with the Silhouette Cameo I got for my birthday (I spent my birthday in the hospital because I'd given birth to her the night before, so I never really got around to blogging about that, but I will soon!)

And speaking of Etsy shops, my friend Caitlin of I Don't Do Dishes is getting ready to open her own brick & mortar store, so she's trying to lighten her fabric load and everything in her shop is 25% off right now! There are some seriously great deals to be had like True Colors yardage for $6.75...run, don't walk!


What a pretty girl:) mine turns 2 months on the 25th and she is an easygoing baby too for the most part. Yeay for that eh?!!!

Lucky you!!! She is a beautiful baby!

She's adorable! So bright and happy. I was incredibly blessed with three gorgeous babies who were actually quite easy and delighted in people paying them attention. It all goes to fast! They are 10, 7 & 5 now. Good luck keeping up the photo a month. I did for the first year of the number one child, then it got all jumbled up as my brain did....

However, you may find they begin to think of their pillow as something that provides security more than comfort for sleeping.kids pillows

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