April 8, 2014

Quilt Journey

Pattern is from Malka Dubrawsky's Fresh Quilting, enlarged to 120%

I'm getting ready to embark on a self-entitled "Quilt Journey" with a group of my closest quilty friends, and I'm so excited to share my inspiration block with y'all today! I finished this in the wee hours of the night after the baby was in bed (and the hubby was asleep on the couch, ha!). 

A few months ago we decided it had been too long since our last crafty exchange, and instead of doing the same ol' same ol' secret partner swap, we decided to do a traveling quilt of sorts. Each person chooses the color palette and makes an inspiration block, strip, etc. for their quilt, but after that it's in the hands of the group. It's like improv quilting meets round robin swap. 

And to make it even more fun, we're including a journal in each package with whatever we want - more inspiration pictures, big picture ideas of the kind of quilt we'd like, uplifting words for our fellow quilters....you get the idea :)

I'm getting ready to mail mine off today, and after seeing everyone else's starter blocks, I'm practically chomping at the bit to see the beauty of creation at work as each quilt moves along! Especially since my inspiration block is a departure from my normal style. Usually I like bright, bold, and sassy...but this time I wanted a "mama only" quilt with a more romantic and soothing palette. Something I can snuggle under after a long day of being a mama, and all that entails ;)

Can't wait to share the journey with you all! :)


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