April 14, 2014

Sno-Ball Pillowcase Dress

So I finally made my first outfit for the Plaid Baby! I've made baby clothes before, just none for her (despite my best laid plans). I wanted a cute 'n' quick summer project I could whip up while she was napping, so I figured I couldn't go wrong with a pillowcase dress with sparkly sno-ball appliqué ;)

Sno-balls are a HUGE summer staple here in New Orleans - so much so that the iconic, high end New Orleans jeweler Mignon Faget has a series of sno-ball pendants in her stores. And true to the decadent nature of the city, they even dress them up with sweetened condensed milk poured on top. Dairy poured over flavored ice sounds crazy, I know, but after a couple years I finally tried it and they're DELISH!

Can't wait to post pics of the Plaid Baby in her new summer finery! And I even ordered an ADORABLE customized headband from Bubba and Vi on etsy to match. Her shop's brand new and she's a super sweet gal, so you should definitely check her out (no, she's not paying me to do any of this - just tryin' to help a fellow etsy mama out!) If you're a Heather Ross fan, she has a Goldfish in a Bag headband/clip that is TO.DIE.FOR. And bonus, if you start following her on Instagram she has a code for 15% off any purchase (COUNTRY), plus another coupon for 20% off a $40 purchase (SPRING14). Whatcha waiting' for!


Adorable! Love that glitter fabric, that's the best part!! :)

3 dresses nearly finished and just trying to blag some free fabric to make some more! It's amazing what I can do even with 2 small children at home and one of them is sick!

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