April 9, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has officially arrived in New Orleans and we've been enjoying temperates in the 70's for the past few weeks (don't be too jealous, because the humidity will arrive soon and I'll spend the next 6 months sweating like a beast, trying (and failing) to keep my pants from creeping up my butt, and getting 3rd degree burns from my seatbelt). There are always a precious few weeks immediately before and after summer where we can enjoy the heat without the sweltering, suffocating humidity, and now is that time. I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

In celebration of spring and beautiful weather, I've been outside a lot (read: not sewing) planting our herb and veggie patch, and trying to convince the hubby to help me transport the prickly blackberry bushes I planted last year that are now big enough to be moved from the raised bed to the ground. No luck on that front yet...did I mention they're VERY prickly?

Merida even has her own little gardening hat now, courtesy of my sweet Aunt Brenda. She sent it last week, and those little knitted flowers and buttons are KILLING.ME.

The boat pattern is from 318 Patchwork Patterns, enlarged to 10.5"

I did manage to squeeze in a little sewing when we had a few rainy days this weekend, and finished two blocks for a new beach themed quilt for Merida. Ray's aunt and uncle recently purchased a house in Biloxi that's on a small, private inlet of the ocean, complete with dock, covered gazebo, and fish cleaning station...so I figure we'll be going out there a lot this summer because Ray and his brother looooove to fish. I want a cute play blanket we can leave there for Merida, hence the water/beach theme :)

Hopefully I can get it finished before the summer's actually over...


Oh my! I practically snorted at your description of summer/humidity there! I gotta say, I would rather the 8 mos of rain (it's not that bad) here in Oregon than deal with any humidity! I'm a wimp!

That hat is adorable!! And I love the blocks, that will be a perfect quilt!

I know about humidity in Texas....yuck. I figure I have about 10 days a year without the humidity and/or the red wasp.....giggle. it always seems to be one or the other to chase me back in the house. What is that white flower? The hat and your blocks are so sweet.

OMG, your description of the humidity totally cracked me up! We get it here too, but not until much later. I feel your pain! lol Love those blocks and as always your colors are fantastic. (adorable hat too, you must post a photo of the cutie pie IN the hat!)

Kaelin, didn't you post photos of the finished patchwork 318 quilt? I've been searching but can't find them. I loved that quilt and wanted to show it to my sis.

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