May 21, 2014

Briar Rose Play Quilt

Because I'm insane...COMPLETELY INSANE...I decided the day before the Plaid Baby's 6 month photo shoot that I *needed* to make a quilt for it. My internal monologue went a little something like this:

Right Brain: Crap! I forgot to make that Briar Rose quilt for her pictures in the park. There's no time...NO TIME!!!!!

Left Brain: Well, it's not until tomorrow at 6...and it *would* only be a small, play mat size....

RB: No...NOO! There's NO TIIIIIIIIME! Plus you have that custom quilt due for a baby shower on Saturday that you haven't even started yet.

LB: But she would look so cute laying on it in those pink bloomers with the green & yellow tulle tufts on the butt! Maybe I could just....


LB: But she'll only be a baby once, and the thought of her in those bloomers on a Briar Rose quilt in the grass is making my ovaries explode. You'll regret it if you don't!

RB: You don't have time to make 2 quilts in 2 days, plus you'll screw your neck up again!

LB: FAKE IT. FAKE IT ALL! Ovary explosion, here we come!

So there you have it. The completely irrational side of my brain won, as per usual, and baby girl got her adorable Briar Rose quilt for the photos. I had one charm pack on hand so that helped speed things along, since I only had to cut 4 more squares from each print after that.

I copied Made by Rae's quilt design, except I reordered several of the prints, plus removed most of the prints with a lot of white in order to make the quilt more saturated.

I backed it with my absolute FAVORITE print from the line, the strawberries on green, and bound it with some hoarded KJR posies. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! For once I'm glad I gave into my crazy whims, because the photographer gave me a quick preview of some of the shots and they nearly made me pass out. Seriously.


LOVE IT!!! Those strawberries are just too much! Nice job!!

I want to see the tulle on the butt STAT!

Awesome! SOO cute and well done with such a short time frame. My little girl is past 2 and growing too fast- this makes me think about all the cute little things I need to make her before she's too big for it all.

Glad you didn't listen to reason - that is really gorgeous! I have my own half yard bundle waiting till my little one get's her big girl bed. You are going to show us one of the pictures from the shoot aren't you? :)

What Charlotte said! It's lovely, perfect for photographs in the park!

Absolutely swoon worthy, my friend! So worth it :) And she is only little once ;). I am sure the photos are just incredible- the perfect quilt for the perfect sweet babe!

Aww! That's a beautiful quilt! And the dialogue in your brain is totally funny and totally relate-able! My ovaries do crazy things to me some days. :) I hope you'll post one of the photos when you get them!

This is totally adorable!! I was randomly thinking about you today so thought I'd pop in and say hi! Hope you and your little cutie are doing well :) xx

Absolutely magical quilt! Colors combination is so fresh and juicy! That is for sure my number one! I will use a photo as an example for my essay at Thank you for sharing.

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